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 My GM Application

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PostSubject: My GM Application   Sun Apr 05, 2009 5:50 am

I know I'm not 16, but w.e.

1. aznkid

2. kAMEkAZE, Souten, Evocate.


4. 14

5. Long long long time.

6. Pre-TBC, too lazy to get WOTLK and get to level 80, so capped out at 70 atm.

7. I would dedicate my hours to help the server out, usually when I come on there are GMs that aren't in vent, there are GMS that have their thing alt tabbed, so that they aren't even paying attention when shit happens, and others I just don't feel like talking about. I would always pay full attention to whatever the hell is happening, and whatever the case is prevent/solve it.

8. I would help change the population, we need to boost it up to atleast 20 people so that people don't think we're a tiny server without any good qualities.

9. None, haven't asked any, none on.

10. My strengths are that I can pull alot of shifts without stopping, I know when to stop, how to control chaos, and alot more, since I've been in many heated battles myself I know things can get rough, I have personal experience to bring to the field. My weaknesses would be that I can get pissed off pretty easy, especially if they act and be really stupid.

11. I would freeze them, tell them to cut it out, if they don't, freeze them again and port them somewhere they will not bother us, if they still continue to harass, I'll just kick'm.

12. I have no idea what Central Time is, but my shifts vary alot, I'll be on everyday to help out, but some days more and others less.

Yeah. thanks for reading this. ; )
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PostSubject: Re: My GM Application   Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:30 pm

Sorry but at this time we cannot follow up on your GM application. Get with me or Macewolf to follow up on our reasons.
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My GM Application
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