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 Tutorial: Portals for newbs

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Tutorial: Portals for newbs Empty
PostSubject: Tutorial: Portals for newbs   Tutorial: Portals for newbs Icon_minitimeFri Apr 24, 2009 6:47 pm

.....Not tried yet.......

Step One) Go inside WOW and type .gps .

Step Two) Copy down Map, X, Y, and Z. Put that on either a piece of paper or whatever you can see it on.

Step Three) Go to your SQL database using either HeidiSQL, Navicat or whatever program you use.

Step Four) Find the table teleport_coords and find some spell you don't use or find useless. Example: Teleport: Goldshire would be one.

Step Five) Leave the ID for the spell alone and edit the table with the x, y, z coords and map ID you got from doing .gps in the game. I will do this on Teleport: Goldshire.

ID: 31 -----> You can either leave it alone or change it. Up to you.
Name: Teleport: Goldshire -----> Change it to Teleport: (whatever you want to name it.)
Map ID: 169 -----> Change it to what you copied down from .gps in the game.
Position X, Y, Z : ----->Change those to the values you got from inside the game.

Now remember the ID of this spell. Which would for me, be 31.

Step Six) Go to the Gameobjects_names table.

Step Seven) Make a new record in this table using whatever program that you use which would be MySQL, HeidiSql, and etc. For entry ID put a number that you will remember because this will be the game object you are gonna spawn. In other words, your portal. Make sure its a high number also.
For the second box, which is Type, put 22. Then the third box, Display Id, put 7146. For spell focus, that would be the number of Teleport spell you made. For me, it was 31. Thats all and it should look like this.

Entry: (Whatever you want)
Type: 22
Display ID: 7146
Spell Focus: (your Teleport spell's ID) For me it was 31.

Step Eight) Restart your server. Do not do .reload teleport_coords or .reload gameobject_names because only restarting your server will make it work.

Step Nine) Go in the game and spawn the portal using .gobject spawn (ID you made). Then it should work.

Step Ten) If you didn't understand this tutorial then you are a complete retard.

Tutorial: Portals for newbs Macefinalanimateanarchy
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Tutorial: Portals for newbs
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