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 Tutorial: Making a custom city

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Tutorial: Making a custom city Empty
PostSubject: Tutorial: Making a custom city   Tutorial: Making a custom city Icon_minitimeFri Apr 24, 2009 6:50 pm

......Not tried yet.......

First you will need alot of Gameobject's! Download link below for over 500 custom Gameobject's!!!
RAR Archive: download.php?z2gkvznnyim

ZIP Folder: download.php?ndxhmkyjd5m

Now Open up either HeidiSQL, Navicat or SQLyog.
Connect via information:

Now go to your World Database and open up the table Gameobject_names
How to Import with With HeidiSQL:
Go to the tab named : Query.
Click on Import button in the main menues at the top and click "Import SQL file" and it will load the sql file.
Now Hit F9 or click on the first green arrow located at the right side of the Query txt.
Now u have imported your Gameobject's.

How to Import with SQLyog and Navicat:
Open the Database named World or ascent.
Then Right click on it and click "Execute Batch File"
Browse and find your SQL files and click on them. Now click Start and it will load the files into the Database.

Now that u imported your Gameobject's it's time to spawn them.

To make a custom Area:
First find a good flat place in WoW by flying around a bit. Recommend
"The Emerald Dream"
Now begin spawning Grass around with command:
.gameobject spawn 185178 1
spawn around until u feel it's enough.
Now u can start spawning trees and things with:
.gameobject spawn 185174 1
Remember to always have the "1" behind the Gameobject Command, or else the Gameobject will be deleted after a server restart.
Now you can spawn NPC's around that u make in the Database.
I will not tell you how. Search for another post how to make one.
Now spawn it and let it bee. To make the place more interesting you can make the NPC move around by using the command:
.waypoint add
this command makes the selected NPC to walk to the spawned Waypoint.
You can make it walk around anywhere you want.
Now if you want the NPC to not take so long brakes on the waypoint stop you can use:
.waypoint wattime x
change the "x" to a number. if u choose "1000" it will be 1 second! so if u want 3 seconds waittime u set in number "3000".
You can spawn alot more like houses and things but then it will be more like a city like in one of the next steps.

Now How to make a custom instance!
Find a nice place you want your instance to be (you dont need to replace anything, just find a nice place with some flat and some highlited area).
Now begin spawning gameobject's like: Flame orbs and things.
There is alot of Gameobject's so you can search your Database for it.
Now like if u want a natural Instance with Flowers and trees start spawning them aruond the area.

for trees:
.gameobject spawn 185174 1
for flower's:
.go spawn 70016 1
.go spawn 70018 1
.go spawn 70019 1
.go spawn 70020 1
.go spawn 70021 1
.go spawn 70023 1
Now start spawning bigger trees like a fountain tree from the emerald dream:
.go spawn 70067 1
Now if you come to a place with a mountain or a hill or something that u cant walk upstairs use this command to spawn a small steel stage you can make a floor of by spawning, jump on it, walk a bit forward and spawn again. i use this much.
Stage to make stairs:
.go spawn 185301 1
you can also use a table wich is used by alot of people:
.go spawn 181075 1

Now spawn some fence around so that no-one can go there.
Tip: Use the .ch fly and make a macro. then spawn the fenca while flying up in ca, .mod speed 2.5 and spawn until it's high enough.
Fence (really low):
.go spawn 180035 1
Spawn some NPC's around and bosses.
If you want to make the NPC's to drop item's then make some by going to:
Create an account and click on weapon tool now make item's and such.
Check my video on how to make a Frostmourne here:
Now go to the table creatureloot and make new rows for each drop.
there's alot of guides out there so just search for them.
You can spawn fire and things if you want an evil looking instance.
i recommend:
.go spawn 176746 1
it's with smoke and everything!
spawn your NPC's done and then:
Congratioulations you made your own custom instance!

Now for the last step:

How to make a custom city!
First off:

Let's start

First start spawning houses. They look like Human houses but works good for a city.
.go spawn 99893 1
Now spawn more advanced buildings than only houses!
.go spawn 99877 1 = orc tower
.go spawn 165557 1 = Zeppelin landing tower
.go spawn 99894 1 = Huge Night Elf Tower
.go spawn 99876 1 = Human Guard Tower
Other Buildings:
.go spawn 99922 1 = casual stable
.go spawn 180719 1 = Cooler look stable
.go spawn 99898 1 = Lumber mill
.go spawn 19043 1 = Prison cage
.go spawn 99891 1 = Big Tauren Totem (Building like in TB)
.go spawn 99886 1 = Tanks!
.go spawn 99882 1 = The Dark portal! (from WC2)
.go spawn 70053 1 = Big Human tent
.go spawn 99923 1 = Kael'thas Statue
.go spawn 99838 1 = Paladin statue (of Uther)
.go spawn 99980 1 = a throne!
.go spawn 70044 1 = Kel'thuzad skull throne
.go spawn 923092 1 = The Whole Stormwind City without guards and objects! from my last guide:
Ok now start spawning where you want them and customise your city with vendor's, NPC's, Guards walking around using the
.waypoint add command.

Congratioulation's You have made your own place in the World of warcraft!

Tutorial: Making a custom city Macefinalanimateanarchy
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Tutorial: Making a custom city
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