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 vote item idea

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PostSubject: vote item idea   Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:27 pm

i had idea that we could have a [WoWAnarchy module] this is an item that you would have when you first make a character and log in. you could use when you vote and you get to use it for 12 hours and it could probably have on it a list of things like a tele list, summon mounts, or something else like that or just have the tele thing but anyway, yea thats my idea.
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PostSubject: Re: vote item idea   Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:06 am

Great Idea, we will have to look into it and fine tune it if it is approved. Keep the suggestions/ideas coming!
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Anarchy Noob
Anarchy Noob

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PostSubject: Re: vote item idea   Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:32 pm

Ok, here's an idea.

When you vote, You get a token in your bag or mail. Then have a vender in-game that you can spend the tokens there. Doing this, you can look at at the items with their stats and being able to look at it on your character. I really dont like choosing your item on the homepage because it dosent allow comparing the items to others you have currently on your character. And you never REALL know what having this item will be like. And then maybe have like, Double Token weekends or holidays. Thus, making the user interface easer for the average joe player.

The only other thing I could suggest is, Maybe make the voter gear not so OP. I mean I enjoy hitting a 50k ambush as much as the next guy but, leave the op stats to the doner gear, not the voter gear. Because any half wit with commonsense can vote. Thus, making EVERY player on the server able to one hit each other. Also, speaking of not being able to hit each other, the doner and t7 gear have so much doge and armor, you cant even hit each other... The only way I can ever hit any one, if "From the back" (nice name lol) Then you have two doners running around in circles like headless chickens trying to get behind the other. T7 is also the same exact way. Making any 1v1 pvp useless... I can see evey one running around in t7, voter, and doner gear way to OP and pvp long, drawn out, and basically useless.

Now I do understand with this gear, You can do end-of-game content solo with ease. Making the "Hard Stuff" doable and more fun! But, we need to find a medium. I think making them way less OP, and having them have to group up to do instances and raids, make them actually interact with some other players other then just trying to kill them. If I can run around killing very one, and every thing with the press of a button, its going to get boring.

Now, To have some voter and t7 gear that gives them a "Little" extra boost, and have them work together, I think the excitement of having t7, voting, and doner gear will last longer, and make the experience for ALL the players more enjoyable, being able to get the gear, increase your stats, and then saying, "Hey this is cool." Then they can say their a voter/doner and interact with other voters/doners. Not just being bye their self, soloing everything and the only interaction they have is either with an npc, or a player that is next to impossible to kill.

Now, some of you may say, "That's not true, I can kill other doners, and t7 geared players" We also have to keep in mind, all the players and staff we currently have know EXACTLY what their doing in the pvp ring. We may think every one knows hows to pvp, and sadly, that's not true. So, we need to have "Idiot" players able to kill other players with out having to know the button sequence of their attack memorized, and their character geared down to the last stamina point. So when avrage ol'e joe comes on with their "OK" gear and pvp skills, the real players can come and hunt them down.

Making the gear a little more even and less OP ads different levels of pvp to the mixture. Having poor, average,good, great, and extreme pvp'ers makes the whole experience more FUN! Sometimes you can face some one godly, or not so godly. Not just trying to kill the same Over Powered GOD every time.
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PostSubject: Re: vote item idea   Mon Dec 22, 2008 7:59 pm

Tokens, already talked about and will depend on the final from me and apollo.

The t7 is OP so non donors have a chance against donors period. If you have donors so OP that a couple of non donors can't kill them then nobody will stay. And donors want gear that will let them solo everything. Besides it was asked a long time ago to make the gear OP so they could do this.

If players cannot bring any skill whatsoever to the table when they PVP then they deserve to be destroyed. Lack of skill has nothing to do with gear. Private servers cater to PVP vs PVE. That is why instant servers thrive while blizz like servers die.

We will have strict rules for pvp in major cities and in events. They will not be allowed to pvp in cities with donor gear and the same goes with events unless it is decided ahead of time to be a donor event. So I don't see any reason why people should complain about it being OP.

Being able to 1 hit each other? Ummm, have you attacked anyone at all? The custom "T7" is supposed to be free. We have several vote rewards for people to choose from outside of the standard gear and weapons. With the amount of HP both full custom geared players and donors have there is no chance in hell that you could 1 hit anyone unless they wish to stay in blizz-like gear. And again, we have rules, you cannot be camped by anyone period. So the max you can be killed in a row when not trying to pvp is 3 times.

Agility, if you do not have the donor weapons you will not have 95% dodge. Meaning the "average joe" can pvp with other non donors and have no issue with hitting them from the front or back. Donors have the extra dodge on the weapons so bosses don't destroy them.

All in all, don't criticize when you haven't done any investigation. Ask if you don't know. Also maybe take a second and realize that these types of items have been thought and worked on for a long time and have been created with a lot of work gone into them. People didn't like the slightly better custom gear on the last server and had liked the custom gear on the instant 70 because they can solo places without spending all their time working on guilds with the right people that actually know what they are doing working 100% together to run the high end instances. Because if thats what they want to do, they wouldn't be here.
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PostSubject: Re: vote item idea   

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vote item idea
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