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 domination gameplay and rules.

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domination gameplay and rules. Empty
PostSubject: domination gameplay and rules.   domination gameplay and rules. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 26, 2008 5:53 am

This is how game play will be.
The first week,
There will be a cap of 15 members,with no more then three of each class in a guild. with no more then three donors per guild. your guild may only use one more donor then the other side ( if i challenged the wolfknights, and they only had one donor, I can only use two.. this is so there can be a small advantage in the game play. )
I will Davide up all the players and assign them to a GMs guild. After a month of play and everyone has a good idea of how this will work, the players will be able to branch out to there own guilds. As long as we keep ALL guilds some what even.
There will be a big tournament to assign towns. This is based on having 5 guilds.

first round:

guild one
town one <winner>
guild two

guild three
town two <winner>
guild four

guild five >bye>

2nd round:

winner of G1 vs. G2 gets a bye

winner of G3 vs. G4
town three <winner>
guild five

winner of G1/G2
town four <winner>
winner of G3/G4 vs. G5

last loser gets town five.

Now all five guilds own a town.
On Sundays, guilds have the opportunity to challenge another guild for ownership of the opposing guilds town, on the following Saturday. the challenger gets to pick the faction they intend to use. There will also be a dummy guild that will defend towns that have no owner.
each guild will get one PASS per month. when a guild decides to use there pass they MUST fight the next week, or give up ownership of the town. But if the opposing team for some reason only has 4 members,, the callenging team can only use 4 players as well.
for each week you own a town your guild will recieve gold.

small town== 1000g
med town==2000g
large town== 5000g

so if you own two med. and a small town for two weeks you will get ,,,mt,2k,,,mt,2k,,,st,1k,, x 2= 10k, so it could add up quickly.

In one months time there will be three Saturdays of guild battles, and one Saturday of tournaments for ownership of a major city such as stormwind or orgrimmar.with the winner of the tournament owning said town for a month. with no chance of losing it.


Aargon's guild the geeklords challenges the wolfknights to a battle over thunderbluff on saturday the xx/ 08 .we are choosing to use horde.
then the reply should be something like this,,,
The wolfnights except this challenge. ( you really can't turn down a challange )
We will have a place in the forums with a map to keep track of your guilds progress by the color of your guild,, and there will be a page with guild gold amounts. after your guild reaches 1 milll. gold you will be able to buy a guild hall in a town of your choice, ( that you already own ) , after you place a guild hall in a town it can not be moved OR taken from you. so chose wisely. After your guild has bought a guild hall , you will have the opportunity to buy things for your guild hall such as, chairs, tables, ect..

we reserve the right to change and add to these rules as macewolf or myself see fit.
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domination gameplay and rules.
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